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Our competency lies in our team of security specialists who bring to the table expertise in

  • Risk, threats and vulnerability assessment
  • Systems Design
  • Systems Integration
  • Testing and evaluation

Our solutions are driven by the theory of total cost of ownership. Scalability, easier integration with other systems, superior image quality, better maintenance and easier troubleshooting are the underlying principles in our solutions. A comprehensive range of high-quality products, technical capability for successful installation and reliable after-sales support are the advantages we bring to our customers.

The Division�s high security solutions are ably supported by world-renowned brands. They signify robustness, scalability, ease of implementation and effective support and customised solutions. Major areas of operation include busy

  • Consulting Services +

    Technology is moving at an unbridled pace and security products have besieged the market. Pricing, vendor selection, after sales and maintenance services further complicate the issue. In such a scenario, it is difficult to compare and choose the ideal.

    You need a complete and secure architecture, in sync with your identifiable business operations for it to be effective and earn you benefits. With the right consultancy from our team of experts, you will be able to address and understand your security requirements and have professional assistance during the implementation of your chosen solution.

  • Access Control Systems +

    A comprehensive and state-of the art offering that integrates advanced technologies to meet your needs to secure access points. Controlling movements through doors to provide a secure environment is our forte. See our product range

  • Video Security and Surveillance Solutions +

    Video surveillance plays an ever-increasing role in business security. Our solutions incorporate a wide variety of cameras, lenses, housings and recording devices which may be linked to an alarm system. See our product range

  • Time and Attendance Management Solutions +

    We offer solutions for businesses of all sizes to enable you to track, monitor, report and assist in the daily task of Payroll and Time & Attendance Management. It helps you manage employee time better, reduce administrative costs and reduce employee fraud. See our product range

  • Perimeter Intrusion Security +

    Controlling access at an organisation�s main point of entry can be a crucial consideration many a times. The careful application of external intruder detectors can provide significant cost savings in terms of manpower, loss recovery and damage limitation, quickly recovering the initial capital outlay. It is important to have a system that not only suits the type of perimeter but also one that can perform equally well in all extremes of weather conditions. Experience in the application of systems is essential.

  • Integration Solutions +

    A principal requirement is how to interface various intrusion detection and surveillance systems with existing facilities, so that the correct response is generated when most necessary. Our expertise lies in systems integration services to enable seamless operability of diverse systems.

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