1. HVAC Products

This department undertakes Sales & marketing of some of the world-renowned brands in HVAC Products like Daikin McQuay Chillers, MAICO ventilation fans, Sound Attenuation products, volume control dampers etc.

Agencies Brand/Origin Products
USA/Italy/Malaysia Chillers, AHUs, FCUs. Design & Build VRV Systems & Packaged Units
MAICO, Germany Explosion proof wall / roof extractors & other special types of ventilation/extract fans
USA/Thailan/Bahrain/China Window/Split/Cassette/Ducted/Free standing/Package/VRF/CCU.

2. Building Management Systems

This department undertakes Sales & marketing of some of the world-renowned brands Building Management System (BMS) such as CentraLine Building Management System by Honeywell

Agencies Brand/Origin Products
Honeywell USA/ Germany HVAC Building Management System
Denmark/China Speed Controller for the motor
UK Field Sensor for the BMS
UK Field Sensor for the BMS

3. Commercial Kitchens & Refrigeration

This department is engaged in Design, Estimation & Supply of commercial kitchen equipments for Industrial cafeterias, star hotels & restaurants, hospitals, aviation sectors, prominent villas, other private sectors to the ministries sectors, etc. It represents world-renowned brands for products such as prime cooking equipments, food preparation equipments, refrigerated equipments, bakery equipments, bar equipments, dish wash equipments, neutral equipments etc., It also undertakes design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Chiller / Freezer Rooms, Ice Plants, etc for various applications. Commercial Laundry Systems

Agencies Brand/Origin Products
MBM, Italy Industrial cooking Appliances Dishwashing/ Ovens neutral lines
Modular, Italy Industrial cooking ranges, fryers, frytop, grill neutral lines
Hupfer, Germany Heated/ refrigerated, trolleys, service distribution lines
Sagi, Italy Refrigerators, freezers, Refrigerated tables, pizza counters Doors
True Refrigeration, US Refrigerators, freezers, bar counters, Refrigerated tables, Refrigerated displays
Scotsman, Italy or USA Ice Cube machines
Hobart, USA Food preparation equipments / Dishwashing equipments / Industrial Ovens
Henny Penny, USA Fryers
Cimbali, Italy Coffee machines
Lincoln, USA Impinger Ovens
Sammic, Spain Food preparation equipments
Fagor, Spain Industrial cooking ranges / ovens / Dish washing equipments / Chiller Freezer cabinets, work tables, fabricated items.
Winterhalter, Germany Industrial Dishwashers
Rational, Germany FryersCombi Steamer Ovens
Derigore, Supermarket refrigeration Display cabinets
Alfa Laval, Sweden Refrigeration evaporator units, Heat exchangers, Condensers
DWM Copeland, Germany Refrigeration Condensing Units, Evaporators, Compressors
TSSC, Sharjah Insulated Cold Room Panels Doors
Frigabohn, France Evaporators
Scotsman, Italy / USA Flake / Scale Ice Plant equipments

4. Commercial Laundry Systems

This department undertakes Supply, Installation & Commissioning of Laundry systems.

Agencies Brand/Origin Products
Girbau, Spain Washer extractors, Tumbler dryers, Flatwork ironers, Tunnel washers/Continuous batch washers, Chest heated flat work ironers, folders, Stackers
Ecolab, USA Chemicals & consumables supplies for Laundry, Kitchen & Stewarding.
Forenta, USA Dry cleaning press, Ironing boards, cuff & collar press, sleever press, Double buck shirt finishers, garment conveyers, form finishers
RealStar, Italy Dry cleaning machines Doors
Rotondi, Italy Steam press, Ironing boards, Garment packing machines, Rotor cabinets, form finishers
Speed Queen, USA. Washer Extractors, Tumblers Flatwork Ironers.
Thermopatch, Netherlands Marking machine, Heat sealing machines, marking tapes.
Fagor, Spain Industrial Laundry equipments – Finishing Products

5. Warehouse Shelving Systems

We provide total storage solutions like shelving systems, pallet racking system, Mezzanine floor, pallet trucks and other material handling equipment and also undertake turnkey contracts for installation of such systems in large warehouses, storage depots. The department represents world-renowned brands for products such as bolt free, pallet racking, slotted angles shelving, etc.,

Agencies Brand/Origin Products
Link 51 / UK Pallet racking systems / Bolt free shelving / lockers / Bins
Nanjing Jiangrui Storage Equipment Co. Ltd, China Pallet racking systems / Long span racking, Slotted angle racking, Hydraulic lifts, Cantilever racking, Mezzanine floor gratings